Aroris optimizes payer contracts for higher reimbursements.

  • Payer contracts hold the key
    to greater profitability.
  • Through data analytics
    and skilled negotiations,
  • Aroris unlocks reimbursement
    rate opportunities,
  • Equipping providers with
    data that is hard to argue.

Aroris empowers healthcare providers with the capacity, technology, and expertise needed to make smarter payer contract decisions.

Smarter contracts.
Higher revenue.


Average 2023 reimbursement rate increase for Aroris clients.


The highest rate increase achieved on a payer fee schedule.


Take a new approach to revenue cycle success.

Aroris combines digital technology and industry expertise to increase reimbursement revenue at the source, the payer contract. Aroris offers two success tracks: Contract Optimization and Expert Negotiation. Select either or both.

Contract Optimization

Aroris converts contract documents into a visual database with easy-to-use tools while contract experts identify agreement, network, and reimbursement rate opportunities.

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Expert Negotiation

Using data that is hard to argue, Aroris negotiators expertly cut through payers' designed chaos to reach and win over decision-makers.

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Specialty Focus

Every healthcare provider is unique.

Whether a provider aims to optimize their payer contracts, enlist expert negotiators, or both, a tailored approach is needed to achieve higher reimbursements across various specialties.


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